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anxhela shaholli founder of anwoltech
Technology Consulting

Tech made easy with the Anxhela’s courses. She helped hundreds of Albanian students learn technology and automate their work with tech and AI in a practical way.

Anxhela offers free 15 individual sessions to help you find the best course of action that suits your needs.

What You Need To Know For Anxhela

With over 7+ years of experience working online and (2 Years of failure!) Anxhela reached his first success with an online business, AnwolTech, in 2020. Since then, he has managed to grow multiple online businesses following the strategies he learned along his journey and also with the help of AI.

Anxhela now runs several online businesses and websites, is a well-known Web Developer, and is an Instructor in the Technology & AI field.

What makes his content real and unique is that the information and content he shares are based on real case studies/experiences. She comes from a computer science background and also mathematical background. 

Align Costs With Strategy And Focus On Growth

Anxhela teaches you from practical and real experience. You will learn Artificial Intelligence and Prompt Engineering from zero to hero—also, the combination of technology with AI to automatize your work and save more time.  Courses that Anxhela offers are the best rated in the Albanian language with lifetime access.

anxhela shaholli success

Why Choose Us

AnwolTech provides the best options for you to teach the technology and AI in the best way possible, or to do your project like a Website with SEO optimization, or if you need more from our IT support services, AI services, and others, you just find the best.

24/7 Customer Support

We provide Customer support whenever you need us.

238 Projects Completed

We have completed website development, and SEO optimization mostly for the e-commerce store and a lot of individual courses.

40 Worldwide Projects

We also work with clients worldwide with IT & AI support and also Website Development and SEO.

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Experience-Based Content, Tested Strategies, and Study-Driven Information.

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